All you need to know about the Projection Screen

If you are planning to buy a projector screen, it is important to choose one which will best suit your needs. Currently, the high quality screens are made by top companies. Depending on your requirements, manual, fixed or electric projectors are the greatest alternatives for permanent installation. However, tripod, floor rising, folding frame screen and motorized electric projector screens is the best option for portable projector screens. In addition to the brief description highlighted, the following is a detailed explanation of the different types of projection screens which you can choose from:


#1. The manual projection screens

This is one of the types of projection screen which is affordable and very small in size. Moreover, they are very easy to install and utilize.

The sizes of the manual projector screens 

As mentioned above, the manual projector screens are design in such away that they are not only portable but less expensive. Examples of the manual projector screens include: table top, tripods, floor rising and folding frame screens. The screens can be folded up easily so as to be convenient for transportation purposes. The manual screens are available with the tension screen surface or the ceiling recessed casing. The manual projector is also anon tension standard screen surface which hangs freely from its casing (the support structure). But, it is slightly prone to: possible imperfection, waviness or creases.

#2. The fixed frame projector screens

This is another type of projector screen which is widely used in home theaters, auditoriums and any other place where it is necessary to have a permanent wall mounted projector. Unlike other screens, they require more assembly. However, it doesn’t need electrical connectivity and it requires less installation. If you want to add a flare of ambiance, fixed frame projectors is the best alternative for you. This is because the home theater will create the effect of enveloping its audience into curved corners. Moreover, they are design in such away that the tension fabric is ideal for the projection surface.

#3. The portable projector screens

You can also choose portable projector screens as they are available in great ranges and styles. They normally use a pull up screen on a movable tripod stand. This type of projectors is mostly used in learning institutions because of its mobility and affordability. Apart from that, it is applicable to business people for travel presentations.

Tabletop projector screen is another type of portable option which is lightweight. In terms of its sizes, the diagonal width of the ultra-portable screen is 50 inches. As a result, they are best when a large picture is not necessary or inconvenient.

The outdoor projection screen has also become popular and currently widely used. Whether it is for a movie night or a neighborhood block parties, it is basically an outdoor event. The screen ranges from small, large to huge. Therefore, they are available for almost all the applications.

#4. The electric projector screens

The electric projection screens can be wall mounted, ceiling recessed, and floor mounted. The electric projector screens are usually operated by the electric motors which lower or raise the screen by use of a remote control or wall switch. Even tough most of the projector screens have a plug and a play design; others require very vital installation by the electricians.

The screen sizes of the projector screens  

Majority of the projector screens are large in sizes. Thus, they are perfect for conference rooms, home theaters and classrooms. They normally have a sleek, flexible and modern projection. This will not hinder usability and they have less possibility of becoming imperfect.

Additional features of the projector screens

  • The gain 

This is a measure of the light reflectivity of the screen fabric. It will occur when the measurement is taken from the light target and reflected perpendicular to the projection screen. When the room is bright, there is great light being reflected faster. Hence, the image is dissipated and washes out. When there is less ambient light, there will be true image and the brightness will remain.

  • The projectors screens fabric 

There are different screen fabrics which are design for handling of a variety of applications. The fabric depends on: the viewing angle, the lighting conditions and the media resolution.

The screen projector paint

Just like any other paint, screen projector can be used immediately after the application. When the wall is smoother, the image displayed will be the sharpest.


From the information highlighted, you can now go for one of the projectors basing on the specifications which you like.