Beam-A small but powerful smart projector

Projectors have progressed significantly from the days when the most valuable approach to classify them was by their weight class. Today, they are more significantly categorized including how you utilize them, either as gameplay, home theater or for business presentations; by how they were innovated such as LCD, LCOS or DLP; and by how near you can place your projector to the screen or some called it the throw distance.

The latest innovation involved the projector’s ability to get your giant-sized gaming, business presentations or movies in a mini, fit-in-your-pocket package- the portable projectors. Portable projector is an appropriate solution for on-the-go presentations that have become more advanced every day. They can be available through Pico projectors or pocket projectors. Most of the portable projectors are lamp based projectors that usually weigh about 3-10 pounds and feature 2000-5000 lumens.


Well, Meat Beam-The new smart projector that can automatically turn your flat surface into a projection screen. Any flat surface will do and the projection is big; imagine this small piece being able to show a screen from your ceiling to your floor or even your kitchen bench.

The beam substitutes light bulb and transforms it into a remote-controlled LCD projector when screwed into any light-socket. It is a smart projector that fits into any light socket.

Beam is one of the best portable projectors available in the market today that projects all your digital content integrated in your home. It is compatible to any app and you can even control it with your smartphone or tablet. Equipped with a smart computer, this light bulb projector is protected by a beautifully-designed casing. This is where it has earned the term of being a smart projector. It is designed with more advanced capabilities than the traditional projector.

The beam enables you to transform any flat surface into a large screen. It’s lightweight so you are able to bring it anywhere you go, whether to use it offices or schools presentations. Unlike other portable projectors, beam is able to project larger screens in your homes, work or school.

Imagine waking up in the morning and instead of turning your TV or phone on, you immediately see the latest morning news or weather forecast directly flashed on your wall. Or imagine yourself tired from work, and then you get home and automatically see your favorite series shown in Netflix displayed right in your wall. This might seem impossible, but Beam has made it entirely possible for you.

The beam has a sleek and small design. It is durable and comes with a power cord so you’re able to plug it up into a wall or sit it on a flat surface. Although it’s pretty lightweight, it is as powerful as any projector can be. It weighs only about 400 grams and is very handy; you’re able to take it to any of your travels. It has a specific round shape with one side having a delicate flat surface so it does not roll over when it is placed on a flat surface. The subtle flat side makes it to remain still when projecting.

The beam is an android-powered projector that is capable of running your apps and streaming your media through AirPlay or Miracast mobile gears. It also allows you to play a video message or load your favorite movies soon as you turn on the Bluetooth speakers. It’s very easy to use- just screw the beam into any standard light socket and you can now enjoy its features of displaying screens having 854 x 480 resolution and 100 lumen brightness. This means you won’t have to seek out any wall outlet before being able to use it. You can use it through two ways: first is you can turn it on by screwing it into any existing light socket, or you can place it on its subtle flat side then turn it on by using the included power cable. Others have put it simply this way “The beam is a projector directly in your light bulb socket!” It’s pretty amazing right?

Because beam is running Android, conveniently, your phone then becomes the remote control for it. You can easily download the Beam remote app from Google Play or your iTunes store which is very cleanly designed and very easy to use. Through WiFi, you can now connect your device to the projector. You now have full control on what to show in the big screen using your touchpad and keyboard. You also have the option to change some of its settings like change the volume, rotate the projection or even dim the lights.

With Beam you can watch videos from YouTube, watch TV shows in your bedroom ceiling, display recipe guides in your kitchen counter, play and listen to your favorite music through its speakers (has a built-in speaker but also has Bluetooth for external speakers), project board games so you and your family can play while in your living room, or project vacation photos in your walls. Some also use it in their restaurants for their menu displays.