BEAM –One Of The Best Portable Projectors That Fits Into Any Bulb Socket!

Some ideas start simple, just like this one. BEAM is one of the best portable projectors from startup promoted by Don Molenaar, Guust Hilte, and Thomas De Wolf. 
During a brainstorm session way back in March 2014, someone came up with an idea what if we could build a projector that could easily fit in any bulb socket. Everybody started sharing ideas on place where users could place Beam in their house. Almost everybody gave different ideas. 
In these technologically advanced times, we’re no longer limited by traditional spots and can freely dream of places where we would love to have a screen. So the team decided to have a projector with a screw that can be used in any bulb socket. It should also be able to be placed on any flat surface. So team added some flatness to one side that helps in stabilizing the beam. 


What makes Beam so special? 

Usually projectors are bulky and big and you won’t to remove them as soon as you’re done using them. Beam was design in a way that it can be parts of your interior. Special software used in this product ensure that it shows you the right information at the right time. 

What has been the best part of its development experience? 

The team that developed one of the best portable projectors from an idea was proud that it was able to build something from a simple idea and team enjoyed it a lot. The Kickstarted community picked up the baby and did all that was needed in the initial stages of this project. 

Beam integrates into your life 

You can screw beam into any light socket or use a power cable to place this device on any flat surface. Place this anywhere you life: above your bedroom or dining table, it’s all up to you! Once it is setup it will respond to you automatically. You can tell this projector what it wants to do. Like; show a message when somebody is at door, play your favorite YouTube movie to wake you up in the morning or even show you the latest news of the day in evening. 

Runs all apps available 

Now you can control Beam with Android or Apple remote app! It is easy to set up and can connect to your home Wi-Fi. It can install your favorite apps on itself. So you can watch your favorite movies on HULU, Netflix, or YouTube. Listen to your favorite music or check Facebook notifications. Beam can install all app available, so the possibilities are endless. 

The technology inside 

Beam is one of the best portable projectors with LED based technology with 20,000 projection hours. It can project for around 10 hours/day for six years. It is fitted with a computer with 8 GB of storage and built in Wi-Fi, stereo speakers and Bluetooth. It gets its power from a E26/27 socket and can work on any power voltage. The projector comes with its own power cord. 

Share favorite memories instantly 

Just grab a tablet or a phone and with a flick of your finger you can instantly share videos and pictures on big screen using Miracast or Airplay. 

Designed to be part of your home 

Beam will be integrated into your interior. You can either place it on its flatside or screw it into any light socket. With its award winning unique design, Beam will be a glorious part of your interiors. 

Let there be some light! 

Beam is equipped with additional LED lights in it so you can also use this projector as a normal lamp. The lamp has same intensity as any normal light bulb. 
You will enjoy the really clear picture offered by Beam, and it runs lots of applications and is pure fun to use. It will continue to work for years and company offers fast support. It’s really an awesome product when it works. 
You can project recipes on your counter to cook with, watch favorite Netflix on the ceiling, and set up a favorite picture slideshow when the entire family comes over. Very easy to use and set up! 
Setting it up takes just 2 minutes and you can install your favorite applications and start playing with them. It al works pretty easy. You can easily control it with your iPHone and works out very smooth. Best of all, you will love its unique and compact design.