Best Portable Home Theater Projector 2017

Out tablets and smartphones are fantastic devices for playing media files, but they have relatively small screens, so sharing content is not that easy. That’s where portable home theater projector comes in. Be it to showcase your work at school or work, or enjoy a movie at night with family and friends, here is a roundup of some of the best projectors currently available! 


The JmGO home theater projector is one of the finest projectors in its class, with design that’s unlike anything else that’s currently on the market. 
Its cylindrical design will make you feel it may roll down anytime, but the device is rightly paired with special magnetic stand that can hold it firmly in place. The real benefit of this design is this design is that projector body can be quickly tilted to any side. This is far better implementation that other mini projectors with set of pre-fixed angles, which is what you don’t want. 
The JmGO home theater projector comes with a keystoning feature that prevents its image from warping even when its angles aren’t perfect. However, what makes this projector special is that it runs on Android 4.4.4. Kitkat. This software has been customized to provide simple and clean experience while navigating through apps like Netflix, YouTube, and more. 

You can control everything with a small remote that’s included in the package. You can upload videos through flash USB drive that you can plug into the USB port or through HDMI. You can also stream videos from your cell phone, by either using Netflix or Miracast. 
Image quality is good, as it features a resolution of up to 720p and offers great color reproduction, even if contrast is less extreme. It also has 3D video capabilities, so you can access any 3D video or a movie. You can pair its 3D glasses with projector for a more immersive experience. 
Functional design, good picture quality, loud speakers and innovative 3D capabilities come at a price tag of $620.  

Sony MP-CL1  

At first glance, Sony MP-CL1 may seem like a smart phone but it’s actually a projector as compact as a phone, allowing you to easily slip it into your pocket. It’s quite thin and lightweight, making it a truly portable solution. 
This home theater projector uses laser technology that means it behaves little differently. Its brightness is just 32 lumens, which may sound like you’d barely be able to see it. However, laser projections are little brighter to eyes than standard LED projections at same lumen count. 
There’s no need to place it far away to project a huge image though, as you can place it just 40 inches to create a huge 120 inch image with a good 16:9 ratio. There are no focusing capabilities, but keystoning is available. Thanks to it being laser projection, the image is pretty clear, no matter how close you are. 
Its plastic stands seems a bit flimsy, but definitely gets the job done. It can easily clip onto the back or front, but at a fixed position, you may need some book or other object to prop it up perfectly. You can stream media through Miracst, plug your USB flash drive, or connect your MHL or Mini HDMI cable. It has built it speakers available but they’re pretty weak, so you’ll be better off using auxiliary jack to use as your external pair of speakers. 
Sony MP-CL1 is competitively priced at around $350. 

ASUS ZenBeam E1  

If you want a little more bang for your buck, then Asus ZenBeam E1 is the best portable home projector for you. It’s a LED based system, and even though it’s not as bright at 150 lumens, its surely much brighter than Sony MP-CL1. It’s also lightweight and compact and weighs just 305 grams. It’s not as thin to carry around in your pocket, but is portable enough. 
It can project image via HDMI, Miracast or USB flash drive. Picture settings are easily accessible through menu button. There is also a physical focus dial that is best way to be 100 percent accurate with focus. Keystoning is available but there’s no stand, so you will have to use books etc to prop up the device at right angle. The quality of speaker is same as you get in any smartphone. 
The color reproduction and image quality are pretty nice. You can get Asus ZenBean E1 for $249. 
So, here you have a complete roundup of some of the best portable home theater projectors this year. Want to buy one for your home. There are exciting deals online!