Discover the Fascinating World of Lamps and Their Roles in Projectors Today

Have your attempts to shop for a genuine replacement proved fruitless? Or have you been scratching your head wondering what to surprise your family with this year? Worry not if this is you, there is a solution for your current predicament.

It’s super simple, all you have to do is read on. Find out why a projector is an ideal gift and even more importantly, learn all you need to on its various uses as well as the effective maintenance tips that will last you a lifetime.\

Projectors have made strides since their creation to become one of the most sought after technology gadgets in today’s world. Gone are the days when their natural habitat was the theatre. Conference rooms, classrooms, events and even homes sometimes find it impossible to function without one.

Do you really need a projector?

There are two types of projectors, DLP (Digital Light Processing) and LCD (Liquid Crystal Display). Purchase decisions are normally influenced by the intended purpose of use. These reasons range from the common to the not so common and they include:

  • Making presentations
  • Providing information
  • Presenting movies and sports events
  • Gaming as well as
  • Creating decorations and displays

Today, however, we will discuss a small but essential component of a projector known as a lamp. It is responsible for giving out the light necessary for projecting images. It is therefore correct to say that a projector cannot function without its lamp.

What you need to know

To help you get more insight, we will cover the following in regard to projector lamps.

  1. Its components
  2. What to consider when getting a replacement
  3. Manufacturer’s to buy from
  4. Maintenance tips
  5. How to change a projector lamp

One: Its components

A lamp is not complete without the following elements;

The ARC tube- it is a resistant high-temperature glass that houses the mercury vapor.

Mercury Vapor- its high sensitivity to current helps to light and maintain the lamp’s brightness.

Electrical Wiring- responsible for transporting electrical current from lamp to projector.

A Quartz Globe- reflects light once it is generated by the mercury vapor.

A fastener- it is responsible for holding the electrical wiring in its proper place.

Plastic Housing- This acts as a cage that holds the bulb in place.

Two: What to consider when replacing a lamp

When you initially buy a projector, you do not have to worry about this because it comes fitted with its specific lamp that is pumped on lamp life. However, depending on the use and care of the equipment, this life starts to get shortened and as a result, it becomes necessary to replace the old lamp with a new one.

To begin with, the replacement lamp must be compatible with the projector. It is also important to check the lamp shape, voltage, reflector size, life as well as its brightness.

Three: Top Manufacturers

The standards for quality projector lamps require heavy investments and technology. Therefore, only a few names have managed to consistently meet the existing market needs, making them a force to reckon with in the industry.

Some of the brands with a share of this pie include; Philips, Ushio, Osram, and Epson among others. So, you can be sure of the quality you are getting when you pick out lamps from these companies.

Four: Maintenance Tips

As with any appliance, tender care must be exercised for maximum result and benefits. For example, the machine should be kept in a well-ventilated room to prevent overheating that causes burn outs. Secondly, clean up dust build up frequently by vacuuming or blowing the projector with air that is compressed at least twice in a month. This ensures that dirt does not prevent the free circulation of air in the projector as lack of the same may cause the lamp to overheat.

The Detachable filters should also be regularly cleaned or changed to enable them to perform their duty of keeping dirt and dust out of the circuitry.

Allow the fan to turn off before unplugging your projector and avoid turning it off and on rapidly as this may damage the lamp.

Finally, dispose of the old lamp in an environmentally friendly way as it contains mercury.

Five: Changing a lamp

Caution must be exercised at this stage, and the following steps must be followed so as to prevent accidents

Step 1.Turn off the projector, disconnect the power cord from the projector and allow the lamp to completely cool down

Step 2. Loosen screws on the bottom side to reveal the plastic cage

Step 3. Pull it out gently by holding the handle

Step 4. Install the new lamp then place the housing back in the projector

Step 5. Screw the lamp cover back tightly then reset the lamp operation time in the projector menu. It is okay to put on your projector at this point.