Projector Accessories from Harkness Screens Helps Transform Leading Auditorium for Film Festival Haugesund

Harkness Screens is the worlds biggest screen technology company that specializes in the design and manufacture of different types of projection screens, projector accessories and technologies. From live events to large format immersive theater experiences to single-screen independent theaters, Harkness supplies screens and projector accessories for film production, cinema, live events and for custom AV applications. 
The company has a truly global reach, and is regarded as the world leader in cinema screens technology and boasts of largest screens in cinemas than any other manufacture in the world. With its awesome 2D and 3D screen brands (Spectral and Perlux) along with their innovative range of Android/iOS apps and tools, Harkness continues to lead the way to highly advanced screen technology for cinemas. 

Founded way back in 1929, Harkness has been manufacturing screen and projector accessories in its facilities in US, France, UK, China and India. It continues to combine latest technology with unrivalled experience and production methods to offer most innovative solutions to its key worldwide markets. 

Recently harkness screens assisted world’s leading Scandinavian integrator Videovox with its transforming Screen 1 at Edda Kino in beautiful Haugesund Norway. 
Videvox is one of oldest cinema technology companies of Scandinavia and has successfully supplied equipment to the cinemas since 1970’s. It has been a leading integrator in Swedish cinema market and now includes departments with extensive expertise in content distribution and network architecture, with broad market segment as target. 
It’s a really big auditorium that plays host to world famous Haugesund Film Fete each year in August. Ahead of this year’s festival, Videovox was tasked with major refurbishment of Screen 1 including completely new installation of Dobly Amos and various projector accessories. 
“The age of work site meant that only few CAD drawings were available to us for any reference against and even those available did not represent this audiotorium in its present state. Given the proposed refurbishment plans and timescales, we required highly accurate details and documentation to ensure that we could quickly refurbish and refit this auditorium in time for the festival, explains Kvicklund, Key Account Manager stationed at Videvox. “We also needed information about the void above its suspended ceiling to make sure we could correctly place the projector accessories and overhead speakers for the Dolby Amos installation, “ he adds. 
In order to secure the required information, Harkness offered its Reality-Capture fast 3D digital surveying solution. It should be noted that Reality Capture offered by Harkness Screens is highly affordable service providing project managers, exhibitors and architects with fast 3D digital surveying service designed specifically to authenticate current building drawings (2D, 3D BIM or CAD) and offer accurate information and platforms necessary to build performance simulation. 
The rich data that was captured from this survey was precisely used to build a measureable 3D dataset that helped in getting accurate auditorium measurements. In addition, data was reused for creating 2D DWG sections and plans for the auditorium. 
“Within days of the Harkness engineers attending the actual site, we had all the necessary information required including latest DWG files that clearly reflected the state of screen design in the auditorium. The efficiency of collection with quality and accuracy of data helped us to get into this project fast and turn around all the refurbishment in an efficient way with large amount of risk removed. It wouldn’t have been possible without Harkness solution,” says Trichlund. 
The completely refurbished Screen 1 at Edda Kino finally re-opened in time for Haugesund film fete. It was equipped with Dobly Atmos, MasterImage Horizon 3D, Barco Laser Projector and Harkness screen technology including special Qalif Optimizer and Clarus XC 170 surface to successfully monitor and maintain the presentation quality. 
“The significance of accurate real-estate data for architects, exhibitors and engineers cannot be understated. Amidst the retrofit projects of this scale, updating vital documentation that reflects changes in auditorium is often overlooked. This can lead to increased uncertainty and risk when future projects are undertaken which can lead to delays and in some cases costly on-site errors. We’re delighted to help Videvox in getting and creating accurate construction documentation for Haugesund site that in turn allowed Ulf and the team to complete this potentially complex refurbishment with projector accessories ahead of time. In addition, being able to supply leading projector accessories and monitoring technologies helped us in offering solutions that can ensure audiences can receive the best possible viewing experience,’ says Denil Mitchell, VP Commercial Development at Harkness Screens.