Review of 4K Smart TV

Although this is not a plasma TV, it has a rear lit LCD meaning it’s much thicker as compared to most side lit TVs. Without a stand it weighs 34.5KG and 42.5KG with a stand. It’s, therefore, important to be careful about the surface it will sit on. Generally, it is big. Due to its appearance, it’s one of the glossiest TVs that you have seen for while. However, this is not much of a big problem because of its vibrant and bright display. What are some of its features?



LCD TVs typically work by having light passing through a layer. This technique was being applied using fluorescent however, the LED light replaced this. However, to make it thinner, the lights have been moved to different sides of the screen. TVs like Sony and Hisense that are currently using this technology have reached a very high level of impressiveness.


Interestingly, every thin TV has always managed to produce an amazing, well-rounded sound. 4K smart TV fits in two sets of speakers that provide another support on performance. More so, the bass is a bit punchy while every other thing is crispy and well rounded. If you are looking for a good sound then this TV is the best.

Software and apps

This TV uses Firefox to power its smart features. It’s not only fast but it’s generally simple to use since it does not have as many apps as compared to other TVs or androids and WebOS. While it has a few apps, they work perfectly well and few people will always complain about what is taking place. When it comes to this TV, you can also set up quick access to inputs, apps, and features with many customizable shortcuts. This will make you happy especially if you regularly change the source of the content.


It comes with two remotes that combine very well to make them useful. The first one is the standard and the second one is touchpad remote which has a thick rubbery textured surface. This is not only sensitive but accurate as well. The standard remote has some hard to understand buttons but overall most functions are very easy to find.

Black performance and HDR

If you keenly look at this TV you will immediately notice the difference. For the better part of the TV, you will notice that the letter box bars are pure black. Although they will suddenly become bright, they will quickly change. In other LCD TVs, you will see different amounts of light coming into the bars. This makes the performance of 4K smart TV way much above the rest. Its high dynamic range was also much higher.

UHD 4K performance

If you test the TV, you will notice that the performance is excellent due to its bright colorful demos. However, regardless of the many picture settings, it’s very clear that the vibrancy of the colors does not come out of the screen as is common in other TVs. The good thing is that they are still vibrant, bright, and natural. Also, it’s DVD quality content was much better than what you will find in most TVs, its free to air standard content is offered much better than you will find anywhere else.


While the TV has the usual complement of connectors, whenever you try to access your USB 3 Hard disk the TV can crash and restart again. To avoid the dust clogging the fans you will need to clean out the vents once in awhile. Another issue that you might realize is its compatibility with other set boxes.


  • It has a great sound.
  • It has an all round performance.
  • It has the best upscaling that you can ever have.
  • Most of the times it displays true blacks.


  • It’s costly.
  • It’s big.
  • Occasionally it has some issues.


Due to its unique colors and total blacks, this is one of the best TVs currently on offer for showing high-quality content. However, because of upscaling, the general TV watching might not be that good. With the black performance, this TV is much better as compared to others. Like most TVs, it has some weaknesses in contrast, picture quality and upscaling. Overall, 4K smart TV is one of the best currently o the market.