Sony MP- CL1 Portable projector

A portable projector provides a flexible and highly efficient viewing experience. Most portable projectors in the market are available in tiny packages that make it easy to carry around with you anywhere you go. On the lead is the Sony’s MP-CL1 projector in a line of several mini-projectors such as the ZTE S pro and LG’s Mini-Beam Ph300. Sony’s MP- CL1 projector combines a number of exemplary features making it an irresistible pick for any visual presentation. 
Sony wins it big when it comes to designing sleek and lightweight electronic products; MP- CL1 in its complete package weighs 7.2 ounces ( an equivalent of 210 grams) which remain an unbeaten model as compared to its counterparts. The LG PH300, for example, weighs 15 ounces while the already tiny ZTE s pro weighs 14 ounces. Within its compact space, MP- Cl1 packs unmatched features such as laser projection and WI-FI connectivity with autofocus. 



When it comes to the outer appearance; the feel, material and surface finish, MP-CL1 deserves a mention. The Chassis is made up of well polished, black aluminum with plastic components only on the back and front parts of the device. The construction itself is sturdy with the two plastic pieces as the only points of contention. The packaging of this Sony projector has more to do with the quality and manufacture’s confidence in their product; the emblazoned box in nondescript black bears a Sony logo on the front interface. The book-like box is thick and smooth with additional magnetic hinges adding to the sophisticated design. 
On the right side of the projector is a smooth unbroken aluminum material. On the left are the USB port, micro USB (charging) port, audio jack, mini HDMI port and different buttons for powering on/off and for efficient control of the device. The whole body design ends in a rectangular shape with thinner profile easily mistaken for an overgrown Smartphone. 


This model of a projector features a 32-lumen laser projection with a display resolution of 1920 X 720 pixels. The projection provides a clear and distinct color imaging even with its slightly low lumen rating. This Sony’s MP-CL1 stands way superior due to its impressive contrast ratio (80,000: 1), high battery rating of 3000mAH and its Smartphone enabled WI-FI connectivity. The HDMI port is compatible with MHL hence you can connect with other HDMI devices and do your streaming over a hardwired connection. 
The Laser projections system supports up to 120 inches with an unchanged brightness of 32 lumens. The audio output offers a 3.5 m jack which is compatible with most audio devices. The overall dimensions are; 3.0 X 5.9 X 0.5 inches. 


The image clarity plays an important role in displaying quality pictures. MP-CL1 offers an interactive interface where you can shift the settings from saturation, color, and Hue to customize the viewing experience. One thing worth noting is that the brightness rating of this projector isn’t a great pick for use in brightly-lit rooms. Dim lighting favors this brightness where it delivers images with high visual acuity and sharpness. 
The autofocus laser projection system is one of the technological breakthroughs from Sony that’s been incorporated within this device. Manual setting and adjustment of a projector are one of the tedious and boring exercises you need not do with this model. There is no need for focus control; this device offers a keen and accurate track for proper focus on the display surface. 
MP-CL1 supports two connectivity options in and out of the device. The WI-FI performs any wireless transfer of data, Connectivity between devices and for display mirroring. HDMI performs a wide range of tasks you can afford to throw in. Picture quality and acuity are great with MP-CL1 but a challenge comes in the audio part particularly the speaker. Here you are subjected to utilize the audio output jack, where you have to connect with a compatible headphone or external speakers. 
If you don’t have a compatible wireless device to match it with the MP-CL1 you’ll have to carry an HDMI cable around with you which can be tedious. Sony MP- CL offers an extensively wide range of features all suited to match the demanding nature of your viewing experience. In their highly competitive prices, this product cost $350. Purchasing this portable projector is worth the investment; you can do some customization and enjoy an exemplary view.