The Samsung KU7000 : A 4K Ultra HD TV Review

Samsung’s SUHD TVs, which were unveiled in Las Vegas in 2015, took the company’s LED displays to a whole new level. However, their price is too hefty even for 4K televisions. A better alternative to them will be the KU7000 series, Samsung’s high-end 4K TVs that lack the SUHD moniker and the exorbitant price tag associated with it. Besides having a sleek design, this series offers a rich set of features.



Along with the TV, you get a manual, some promotional content, one power cable, and Samsung’s smart remote (with a pair of AA batteries).


The trim bezel, the textured back panel, and the slight chrome accents give the KU7000 a stunning appearance from every angle. We are a bit dejected to see only three HDMI ports on the back side. If you’re using a cable box, a disc player, and a game console simultaneously, you wouldn’t be left with a free HDMI port, but you may easily overcome this problem by using an HDMI switcher. Other connection options include a pair of USB ports, a terrestrial antenna input, a digital audio optical output, an Ethernet connection, and a composite/component hybrid input. We also loved the KU7000’s curvy remote that is sleek and loaded with intuitive features. The TV does incorporate Samsung’s “HDR Premium” technology by supporting HDR10, but it lacks Dolby Vision, another famous HDR format.


The KU7000 is loaded with Smart features, and with Samsung’s Tizen OS at its core, it offers a rich set of apps. The Smart Hub platform lets you stream YouTube, HBO Now, Netflix, and Hulu. The TV also auto-connects to Apple TV, Fire TV, Roku a wide range of Blue-ray players and cable boxes. So, you can use the remote to control virtually any streaming media player.


We have arrived at the most important part of this 4K ULTRA HD TV REVIEW. Thanks to its 55-inches 4K screen, the KU7000 produces Ultra HD pictures with stunning clarity. Just browse for “4K videos” in the YouTube app, and you’ll be amazed by the sheer number of amazing videos you can stream on your TV. From lush green forests and burnt red canyons to turquoise oceans, this TV breathes life into every landscape. While the KU7000 cannot compete with the color quality of the Quantum Dot televisions out there, it still offers a fantastic viewing experience. With that being said, we found that the TV chokes a bit when it comes to producing deep black color. It also suffers some judder when you play the content at 24 FPS. Like any middle-tier LCD display, the television’s offers poor viewing angles, with colors fading pretty fast when viewed from a side.


Samsung offers a one-year warranty that’s valid only when you fill in all the details in the warranty card. You should also have the original sales receipt that serves as a proof of purchase. The company’s warranty covers the repair (or replacement) of defective parts, but it does not cover any damage that occured due to spillage or breakage. All repairs will be carried out at Samsung’s authorized service centers.


If you’re looking to get your first 4K Ultra HD TV, there’s no that you will be blown away by the KU7000’s performance. With a best-in-class smart platform, a versatile remote, and an intuitive interface, this television is super classy in every respect. It is ideal for gamers and those who love watching videos at Ultra HD resolution.


The support for HDR10 and 4K indicates that the KU7000 is future-proof at least for the next four years. Like any mid-range television from a good brand manufacturer, it can last for more than a decade.


Users looking for better contrast and deeper black levels can check out the 2016 models of the Vizio M-series. They have better HDR support (including Dolby Vision) and an interesting tablet-style remote. Another contender will be the Sony XBR-X750D that’s known for its four HDMI ports, solid colors, contrast, and black levels.


If you’re looking for a gorgeous TV with brilliant 4K detail, there’s absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t by the KU7000, but bear in mind the minor drawbacks discussed above. Overall, if you can live with some inaccurate black levels, which are almost invisible unless you have a keen eye, we highly recommend this television.