The Ultimate Guide on the Best Projector Mounts


Projectors have become a common item for use in the home, office as well as the public space. Gradual advancements have been made over the years that have facilitated the expansion and versatility of this gadget that we now find hard to live with.

However, malfunctions or human interference can affect the quality of what is being projected making it a nuisance to an audience rather than a spectacle to behold. As a result, interventions were made to ensure that such occurrences became fewer. The answer came in a mount that would be used as a holder to lock the projector in place so that there would be little or no movement.

The result is amazing, to say the least, picture and sound streaming has become clearer and new viewing angles have been discovered. Therefore, the mounts provide stability to the projector so it can be able to do its work perfectly.

Has your projection experience been somewhat daunting? If so, it might be time to acquire a mount as an accessory for your projector. However, keep in mind that your choice should always match the weight and size of your projector.

Below are descriptions of gadgets considered as best projector mounts in the market today. I believe they will be of help in making an informed purchase decision.

1. VideoSecu LCD DLP Projector Ceiling Mount

This is what you need for both the flat and vaulted ceiling. This projector should be mounted on the ceiling using the provided tools and hardware.

This projector is light, strong and durable courtesy of its black color finishing. It comes with an instructional set-up manual that will direct you on how to fix it. A no-slip adjustment system provides room for changes to be made in regard to the positioning of the projector.

It also comes with an extension pole whose height can be adjusted from 18.1 inches to 26.7 inches whenever necessary. It is made from steel and has an integrated cable management.

Going for $14.99 on Amazon.

2. Cheetah APMEB Universal Projector Mount

The APMEB is truly one of a kind as it can pair up with any projector on the market. It has connective arms that can adjust to fit any projector even those with less than 4 mounting points.

It is constructed from completely pure steel materials making it strong enough to firmly hold a projector of up to 65 pounds. The cable and metal tether provided attach the mount securely to the projector.

It is going for $23.69 on Amazon.

3. Peerless Projector Mount

This is a mount that does not require much input as it is pre-assembled reducing the time one would take to assemble. It is available in three colors and this gives you an opportunity to choose a color that marries well with the rest of the décor.

It features a spider adapter which makes the mount adaptable to any projector. You can control the projector with the two adjustment knobs so that you are able to produce the images you desire.

The black coated mount is available for $98.86 while the white colored mount is going for $118.49.

4. Vantage Point Projector Mount

This universal mount has been constructed from die-cast steel and aluminum and is designed to fit LCD and DLP projectors. The CGUPM12-S can drop 12inches from the ceiling and it has extensions that can be adjusted to their own individual heights.

What’s more, its ability to make a 360-degree rotation while tilting in any direction makes it a valuable addition to either vaulted or flat ceiling types.

Currently at a reduced price of $65.99 on the Amazon site.

5. Mount-It Universal Projector Mount

This projector is designed for use on brick, wood or concrete walls, and therefore is itself made of quality aluminum material and a finish that is powder coated.

This projector wall mount’s features include a 360-degree swivel turn, as well as a plus/minus 30 degrees tilt and roll. Its tube can also extend to 30 cm when the occasion calls for it. The full motion mount allows projection of perfect angles, while the 3 and 4 mounting patterns installed prove useful by accommodating all types of projectors.

Set-up instructions are provided for in the manual and are fairly simple compared to most projector mounts. It is also available on Amazon for $49.99.

So, go ahead and order one or two for yourself and watch your viewing experience shift to a whole new level.