TVs vs. Projectors: Which Should Dominate Your Entertainment System?

If you want to upgrade your home theater, you might consider getting a big screen. Do you buy a projector with screen or a humongous TV? Projectors have improved in terms of brightness and price over the past few years. On the other hand, people now enjoy bigger TVs with HD resolution. Each option has its own pros and cons. To help you make your decision, we have prepared a guide that compares TVs and projectors according to the most important aspects a big screen should have.

1. Size
TVs used to be quite far behind projectors when it comes to size. Today, the gap has been reduced as developers were able to produce TVs with sizes up to 80 inches for only USD 4000. Projectors can reach up to 120 inches. You can buy a projector having the same quality as a 4K UHD TV in terms of brightness, color reproduction and resolution at a cheaper price.

2. Brightness
You should evaluate the brightness of your screen before making your purchase. Perceived contrast will boil down to how bright or dark the room is. You will need more brightness if a lot of ambient light is present in the room to prevent the picture from washing out. Projectors with high brightness are ridiculously expensive! Projectors worth USD 2000 have a brightness ranging from 1500 to 3000 lumens. LED TVs of the same price produce more luminance. Add to that the fact that the projector bulbs tend to burn out over time, something that you will never experience in LED TVs.

3. Resolution
A premium 4K TV is expensive due to its wide color and high dynamic range. Buying a projector of the same quality is way more expensive. You might as well buy a good quality 4K TV in combination with a nice sound system. If you consider the quality of resolution you get for every dollar you pay, TVs are more worth it.

4. Installation
The TV is the runaway winner when it comes to installation. It may seem bulky and fragile, but once it arrives in your home, it will only take a few minutes to set it up before you can use it. It effectively unifies your devices and gadgets since you can plug it directly to the TV. Oftentimes, things can be controlled with a remote control. A projector needs more effort and time to install. Your primary concern is the screen. You need to either paint a wall or attach a motorized screen. Either way, you will need a big space to accommodate all of these. You might need to hire a professional to install your projector for you. There are some details you need to think about such as the position of the projector, the cables to be used, and other accessories needed if you are planning to connect it to other gadgets.

5. Quality of sound
TVs are better when it comes to sound, primarily because it comes with good quality speakers. Some projectors also include speakers, but they are normally small and positioned in the wrong place. If you are on a tight budget, you can already settle with the speakers of the TV. If you want an out of this world sound quality, you need to buy the speakers separately.

6. Convenience
If it’s not already obvious, TVs are more convenient. They are easier to install, use, and will not be disrupted by objects or ambient light. They will also never dim or go out of focus over time.

The winner for this showdown: TVs

Clearly, TVs offer more advantages than projectors. However, if your heart is still set on buying a top projector, just take note of the additional work needed to make your viewing experience perfect.