Use of Projectors Screens And Accessories For Work And Entertainment

In the early days it was mostly used for seminars and exhibitions to project statistical data, graphs and documents, etc. to make a presentation clear and visual to the audience. Today, most people use Home theater systems consisting of a projector, and screen to view movies in the comfort of their homes instead of going to the cinema. With different types of projectors being available in the market, the craze for home theaters has resulted in many people being on the look out for suitable projectors and projector accessories to suit their needs and their budgets.

Most people will not give much thought to the projector mount which is silly because it’s the only thing that will keep the expensive equipment from crashing to the ground. The mount you choose to place the projector can be a tabletop, wall or ceiling; depending on the weight of the unit and how balanced and stable it is when mounted. The surface area of the mount must also be taken into consideration because too much surface can trap the heat and damage the equipment. If a ceiling mount is preferred, decide whether you want it flush with the ceiling or dropped down a few inches, depending on the size of the screen.


A projection screen has a completely blank surface which is usually white or gray. This screen can be a permanent fixture as you see in a cinema, a painted wall or a free piece of equipment that is portable and can be carried anywhere for a conference or exhibition. It is important to check the size of the screen before buying since screen sizes vary from 14 inches to 15 feet and the one you choose must be in keeping with the dimensions of your room. The aspect ratio of the projection screen must also be taken into consideration with the most popular being the 16:9 compared to the regular TV screen ratio of 4:3.

Apart from projector mount, there are projector accessories that come with LCD projectors. These include projector cables that enable the unit to be connected to a computer or video, projector remotes, to help screen adjustments, lenses for a clearer display of images, projector lamps that are inbuilt but has to be replaced, and a projector case to store the unit when not in use.

The installation of Projector ceiling mount is very simple. It requires only basic equipment. But, with it can quickly turn a living room into a home theater. The question arises that what made us think to make our living rooms a theater? The answer lies within our needs and our dream of viewing our favorite film at the comfort of the home. To suffice the above thing, the projector accessories like mounted projectors could be used.

Apart from satisfying our personal needs, they are useful at the workplace as well. They come handy in giving presentations and also the educational seminars at the workplace. As the target of most of these presentations are a group of people the projector accessories aids in making the projection more vivid and bright. Also if we consider the ceiling mount projectors then we will find them saving space and also making it easy for the users to get a view of their favorite movies without spending a good sum on the procurement of the large screen televisions. As these ceilings mount, projectors are so much beneficial it would be exciting to know about their benefits so that other people can also think of procuring them. The major ones are:

The light path does not get a block, and the disturbance amidst the presentation does not happen.

The unwanted wires and cables do not spread all across the floor. Instead, the arrangement is tidy.

The projector remains free of damage and looks good even after years of use.
The floor space gets saved which can later be used for keeping other things. However as every good thing has a disadvantage behind it, so does these.

The major ones are:

Users, for the wires to be properly arranged, might make holes in walls and floors. This in the long term might not look so appealing.

The ease of accessing is minimized. This means they are harder to reach than the table mounted units.

Their installation requires more complex calculations. These calculations are mostly performed for ensuring proper screen position.

After this discussion, it is clear that the use of projector accessories have seen a jump in demand. But, the need is to buy them from a good place. If the vendor does not give you quality material, then investment on such an accessory might give no return. Ehotcafe is one such destination which can come to use. Also are available with them the cell phone accessories, the portable power bank, and others.